Friday, May 14, 2010

Our California Trip: Monterey Bay Aquarium

As mentioned in the previous post, Seven Gables Inn was a mere mile away from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We bought our tickets at the B&B for $29.95 a person ... and lo! and behold! they were TWO day tickets. SWEET. We made two trips to the aquarium, spending 5 hours there the first day & then about an hour the second day.

First stop: OTTERS. Love 'em. I've been told they're my totem animal on account of my playful nature. If you want to see them for yourself, check out the Aquarium's "Otter Cam"!


One of the coolest exhibits there was the Kelp Forest. It really brought home just how many sea creatures depend on this type of marine environment. Plus it was just very serene and pretty.


One of the aspects of the Aquarium I really enjoyed was the fact that it had lots of space outside, to view the marine sanctuary in the bay. Looking over the railing, we spotted this little guy, just hanging out in the sun. How cool is that??


Another exhibit that was super-cool was the Jellyfish one. I got a ridiculous number of pictures of all kinds of jellyfish, but the Moon Jellyfish remain one of my favorites. I've also seen them in the wild & swum amongst them, which I admit feels really creepy. They're still very pretty.


This starfish was just waving "hello"!


I've always been fascinated by sand dollars, but I've only ever seen them washed up on beaches, literally skeletons of their former selves. It was just amazing to see so many of them in this tank.


One of my absolute favorite exhibits was the Secret Lives of Seahorses. It was pretty dark inside the exhibit & I struggled to get good pictures, but I just loved it!


That's all for now. Next post will feature Seventeen Mile Drive and Point Lobos.


Anne said...

Hi, Latharia! Looks like fun! Great photos! I adore otters! :-)

theelfqueen said...

I agree on the Sand Dollars! I've never seen them alive! NEAT!!! I love aquariums. So fascinating! We went to the one in Atlanta a couple of years ago -- if you're ever in GA, make time for it! SUPER COOL!!! LOVE all these pics!

Mel said...

Ohmygosh.... I love all the sanddollars. And the sea horses! Wow oh wow did you get some fabulous photos! :-)

(what kind of camera and how soon will you be getting one of your own?! LOL)