Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our California Trip: San Joaquin Valley & Tenaya Lodge

We left the coast and started inland, aiming for our accomodations just a few miles shy of the south entrance of Yosemite, which meant we had to cross the entire Central Valley.


We'd been told by several individuals, independent of one another, to stop by Casa De Fruta, which was close to our half-way point in our journey.


They had a ridiculous amount of stuff for sale, and had little buildings for different things - Casa de Fruta was mostly fruit & nuts, Casa de Wine, Casa de Sweets, and Casa de Choo Choo, to name several. We also found out after the fact that it's home to the Northern California Renaissance Festival! Who knew?!


After about 4 hours of driving, we made it to our destination, whereupon we learned that we'd been scammed by the people who made the reservation for us. The accommodations were decent, and we had a very pretty corner of the property.


By the following morning, though, we all agreed we were not happy enough with them to stay there for 3 more nights. My honey & my uncle went to the front desk, explained our concerns, and within an hour, we were moved to 2 separate rooms that met all of our needs, plus they gave us passes for free breakfasts. Eight thumbs up for Tenaya Lodge! (Just make sure you go through the Lodge for reservations, though, if you want to stay there!) We then set out for Yosemite, which you'll see in the next installment!

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Mel said...

Oh what a pretty setting--what a great old truck......and omg the artichokes!!!