Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm several days behind on my Journal Your Christmas. A by-product of the pre-Cookie Day frenzy for the most part. And my working extra hours. Today's work day, though, is shorter than other days this week. Which meant I was able to field the call from the adoption agency. To find out that a prospective birthmother that viewed our profile ... has chosen another family.

For the most part, we're unaware of when our profile is being shown, but occasionally, when a situation has a component the agency's not sure we're 100% okay with, they run it past us to be certain. Totally makes sense and it needs to be done. It also means we're on pins and needles until we hear the results.

Well, not too many pins and needles. About now, we're feeling pretty numb. It's hard to get excited about the possibility of being selected when it has failed to happen time and time again. So, there's the update. My heart feels like it has another crack in it, but the news isn't having a huge emotional impact.


Mel said...
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Mel said...

Boy.....I'd try that twice but I'm sure I'd screw it up twice.

*sending postive thoughts and prayers*