Monday, December 20, 2010

In other developments ...

My brain is so very full. So, as a gift to myself this holiday season, I'm taking a week off from having my online "stores" open. I'm thrilled to raise more money for the adoption process, but I need a break.

And speaking of money for the adoption process, you have to hear this story. I was stunned to receive a $100 donation from my best friend from middle school, Lani. I mean that we keep in touch & she's always been a sweet human being, but I just couldn't fathom why she'd suddenly feel so generous. The story is precious. I'll let her tell it in her own words, after I commented on how much she's like a magic pixie:

"I have a funny story to tell you about $100....About a month ago, I found a $100 bill on the street. In Manhattan. I really did. Just like a movie. I stopped and looked around, to see if anyone was missing it, but no one was there. (And I know better than to go up to strangers and ask them if they lost $100.) Anyway, I had to ask my bf if it was real (because I don't think I've seen one since I was a waitress, but he works in retail so he knows). He said it was. So I thought, hm, I want to do something *really special* with it! But what????? And see - I found something! So it really DID find its way to you through magic!! :)"

So there you have it. In some ways, it feels like the Universe is guiding us closer to becoming parents. And in other ways, it feels like it's just laughing its ass off at us. Like when the person who organized the fundraising raffle left a very hurtful voicemail saying what a disappointment I was to have failed to thank any of the donors. Yeah ... uh that was because she never gave me a list. Since she's the one who solicited the donations, and I'm no mind-reader, I couldn't thank anybody. And yeah, uh, I asked for the list & she just didn't give it to me! It stung like hell to be told "I hope that if you're ever fortunate enough to become parents you'll show more love and kindness towards that child than you did to anyone who was part of the raffle."

And that's when I think about Lani & her bright smile & our friendship throughout middle school, learning origami & calligraphy, caring for her guinea pig Fuz & my rat Peppermint, walking to school and talking, and mooning over Hello Kitty gear. And I think about how some people shine bright & are truly the best example of humanity.

That's about the time I start smiling & tearing up & feeling just dandy.

So, thanks, Lani. For way more than you know.


theelfqueen said...

What a lovely story from your friend! and a generous gift, too!

As for the other friend, I had a friend like that - she sent me a big stack of SU! stuff she had found herself done with (and none of it stuff I'd actually use) -- I e-mailed her a thanks when I opened it, and was prepping a thank you note when I received a nasty-gram about how I hadn't been adequately thankful for her generosity. Yeah it brought the end of several years of friendship and she didn't even say anything near as hurtful as that!

And Hey! You've got a story for your surprise page!!

Mel said...

Okay--my faith in humanity and the loving qualities of human beings is now restored. Yeah, yeah....there's a few apples in the basket that have their own blemishes, but can't overlook the shine the rest have!

I like Lani LOTS. :-)

This time of year, it'd be easy to take the money and run. She found a miracle to be a part of and passed on the gift.

humel said...

That's such a beautiful and generous story - Lani sounds wonderful, and I'm sure she'll be blessed in return :-)

As for the other 'friend', it astounds me that someone who could be kind enough to organise a fundraiser could then be so nasty afterwards. Forget about her, hun - she's not worth it xx

scrapperjen said...

That is a WONDERFUL story and how VERY generous!