Saturday, December 4, 2010

Journal Your Christmas, December 4th

Today was pretty damned close to perfect. In the wake of being sick for two weeks (I'm just now off cold & cough medicine for 24 hours!), it was sheer delight to spend most of my day just having fun with my honey.

December 4th

Glad I could document all of today's adventures. Grey skies & about 3 1/2" of snowfall made for some interesting photos & opportunities. I always thought it'd be cool to visit downtown Chicago amidst snowy weather, and this was just perfect. And ending our afternoon with hot cocoa, cookies, and the new snowflake candle? Doesn't get much better.


Linda said...

this is fantastic!!

crazierinreallife said...

love all your photos. great way to capture the events of the day

Chiara said...

oh fabulous

theelfqueen said...

Wonderful page! I'll be getting to yesterday and today tonight after the kids go to bed... and then starting on ILs present album! (ACK What have I gotten myself into???)

Mel said...


YOU got snow! :-)
And you captured the day extremely well.
Bravo, ma'am--well done!!!!