Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Journal Your Christmas, December 3rd

The journaling reads: This is the 1st year that most of our cards are NOT handmade or handwritten! I hope next year there will be a family photo of 3 of us!
PP: Around The Block
Button: Unknown
Sticker/Tab: Heidi Swapp
Chipboard star: Making Memories


Chiara said...

totally love this

Anonymous said...

Love the colours!!! Reminds me of Christmas Candy!

Kat said...

Love the card! :) And totally agree... think I'll go for nearly 90% shop bought cards as well.

And no... I haven't had the time yet to even start on the journal... :o Will do some catch up on Tuesday when I am back from Germany.

Journalling already though.

Heather said...

very sweet! I will be praying there will be a family of 3 pictured in next year's card as well!

Diane said...

Well, it's cute - and I really like blue cards for Christmas - with snow, of course!

Mel said...

Yup....loving the colours...

And thinkin' I might have to steal the ideas for next years holidays....about not making the cards, of course!

Thinkin' that'd be new and different! ;-)

Cris Pansiera said...

Luving all of our pages.....I'm making mine....I decided to sew all of my pages ths year!!!! I must be crazy!!!! luv your blog and thanks for your sweet visit!

Anonymous said...

Your entries are so wonderful!