Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another ride on the emotional roller coaster

We were all ready to send our homestudy to the new adoption agency ... and then the first one contacted us & asked if we wanted to hold off sending it, because a birthmother was going to be shown our profile. We said to wait & see what happened with her first. Well, after 10 days of being on pins and needles, we now know that the birthmother has disappeared & seems to not be working with the agency after all. *deep sigh* So, we're moving forward with the second agency. The birthmother's due date is October 4th, so we were all braced for possibly having a child within the week. This is just so incredibly painful.


Mel said...

I read the wonderful tales of the support and validation--and then I hit this entry.

Don't let go of the other, yaknow?


Janelle said...

(((Hugs, sweetie.)))