Monday, September 27, 2010

Books & stamps for sale!

I'm just going to date this post way in the future so it stays at the top, in case people are looking for the stuff I'm trying to sell to raise funds for our adoption process. So, here are all the links you might need!

my eBay store (stamps, scrapbooking stuff, random stuff)
My store (books, movies, music, games) -- I've now got over 600 items for sale! YAY!
My storefront (books) -- I've got over 30 items for sale, now.

Oh, and we'll be having a garage sale the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd ... so if you're local or know of anyone who IS local ... come on by or contact me for details!

Thanks in advance for helping us to fund our adoption! (There's also a donate button on the right hand margin if you are so inclined to send us a few bucks, too!) We'll find a way to make this work!

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