Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latharia's eBay Emporium

So I woke up to a zillion emails asking me about combining shipping if people won multiple lots. Once I fielded those, and made myself a bowl of oatmeal, the auctions started ending one by one. It looks like I may have made about $100. Considering the "value" of the auctions was less than $40 yesterday, I'm a happy camper. I know that the winning bidders are getting things for a song, but I'm not using them, and to paraphrase another hopeful adoptive mom, I'd rather be a parent than have these stamps!

I have a good friend whose daughter is renovating her room -- from child to teen, you know the drill -- and she said if I had a garage sale, she'd split the profits with me to help fund the adoption. How can I turn THAT down? I really don't like having garage sales. They're a ridiculous amount of work & the money is usually pretty pathetic. But, then again, money is money, and I've got some stuff to put in there. By then, I'll also have had most of the books up on or for a month. If they're not sold by then, I'll put all the inexpensive ones out for a buck a piece & keep back the two dozen or so that are worth more than tat, and hope they sell to the right buyer in the next couple of months.

I am just bound-and-determined for us to make the necessary cash to help bridge the gap in the money we've got access to and the money we need. We're meeting with our local adoption worker tomorrow to update our homestudy. Once that is done, it'll get sent to the national adoption agency, plus we'll get a copy we can use to apply for various grants. One of our essays we had to write was on personal strengths. I put down determined for mine. Yessireebob. Determined, that's me.

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Mel said...

Determined is a very good thing! Especially if the kiddo plans to reach adolescence. ;-) You keep on working towards the goal--good things are bound to happen and already are.