Monday, December 26, 2011

Computer fried

Well, my computer fried very early the morning of the 22nd, so although I've been keeping current with my pages, I've had time for very little else, like puzzling out how to upload things to my husband's computer. Lucky for you, dear readers, I had already uploaded pages 14 & 16, so I'll share those with you now:



It seems like both the mixes and the ornaments were a big hit...and the jams we've made 3 years running are now becoming a bit of a staple, so I think we're expected to continue those!

Until I can get the computer fixed or replaced ... or figure out how to get the printer installed (it has ports for the camera card) ... or find the cable for the camera, I'm limited to what I can do with my phone. To tide you over, here are a few pictures from Christmas Cuteness:

Wish me luck!


Mariangeles M said...

Great pages! I'm slowly working on mine...

theelfqueen said...

She's so beautiful!!!

I am a little behind - hoping to catch back up today.

Mel said... the sock, even! She's just too dang cute!

And brilliant gifts with the handheld ornaments!

As for the fried computer.....geeze, you poor thing. *sigh* I really hate when that happens....

Back up--omgosh, PLEASE tell me you backed up the photos!!

Heather said...

I have so enjoyed all your JYC entries this year. Words just can not express how happy I am for you and Ken that you finally have your dream of being parents. Alexandra is just the sweetest, most adorable thing. Every time I see her picture I wanna kiss her chubby cheeks!