Saturday, December 31, 2011

The rest of the pages I've photographed-and-uploaded!

More to come as I complete them & get them photographed ... but for now, here's the 25th through the 28th!

Christmas was fantastic! It was hard to pick just one photo, but this one shows her joy, and her Santa pajamas!


Here we all are, playing Red November. Alexandra was quite intrigued ... and patient ... and chose to nap through half of it!


Blurry photo, but I wanted to document Daddy sharing his Christmas gift with Alexandra


And ... all dolled up in one of MANY cute winter outfits! I love that hat!


More to come, as I get photos printed! I think I will most likely do the book through the 31st or maybe the 1st.

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Mel said...

Happy 2012!

Oh, and what precious pages you've made here.

<-- loves the Santa jammies!