Monday, December 12, 2011

The journal continues ...

I've actually been managing to do a page every day or 2 pages every other day (bless you, my little angel!), but actually photographing them in decent light, uploading them, and then posting ... well, that's a whole 'nother story!

I'm going off-topic a lot ... 'cause I want to capture little moments and "firsts", like her first encounter with Christmas tree lights


And my "sight of the season" is Alexandra in her first holiday sweater:


Resurrected tradition ... a visit to Santa*


Another off-the-rails page ... just can't have enough pics of cute Alexandra in my album.

Okay ... pages 11 (yesterday) and 12 (today), MIGHT get done tonight ... but we have to pack up everything from Cookie Day, plus move furniture, so, yeah ... maybe not. That's okay. We're having loads of fun!

*okay, I snuck to Santa's house last year & left a letter in the mailbox, asking for a baby for Christmas ... but I didn't sit on his lap, so that doesn't count!


theelfqueen said...

She's so beautiful! Who could resist going off-topic to document her?

Mel said...

LOLOL Does TOO count! ;-)

Gotta love the one of her with the lights. I bet she was enthralled with 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! Long time no read!!! I think it's been a year since I was last year ... and what a lovely surprise to find out that your family has been blessed with a darling little girl!!! :) I'm so HAPPY for you ... I can shout it out!!! I promise to come by more often!!!! Give that cutie a kiss from me!!!

theelfqueen said...

I am super far behind, myself.