Thursday, December 1, 2011

When did it get to be time to start Journal Your Christmas?

Been looking forward to doing this particular year's Journal Your Christmas since I started the album for 2008!!! Now, just to carve out the time to do it! Wish me luck! I'm already feeling frayed at the edges with life changes that have nothing to do with the holidays or Alexandra!


Mel said...

Oh, I feeeeeeeeel your pain!

Yup--it's time to dig in and get'er done!

<-- painfully participating AS much as able

Not in scrapbooking, mind you......just in the Holidays in general, dontchaknow.
I'll get there!!! :-/

Lorell said...

I think that once you get started, you'll have fun with it. Especially since you have such a cute little girl to star in at least some of the entries!