Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Lifespan of a Peach Cobbler

1:57 pm-2:12 pm: Peaches are peeled & sliced.
2:12 pm-2:15 pm: Dough is made.
2:15 pm-2:17 pm: Cobbler is assembled, and ready
for the oven2:52 pm: Cobbler comes out of the oven.
2:53 pm: We decide to invite the neighbors.
2:55 pm: Sweetie runs over to neighbors, reports Barbara
is eager for cobbler, but has to get dressed from nap
attire to decent attire, and to run to local dairy for
vanilla ice cream.
3:23 pm: Barbara arrives with vanilla ice cream,
dressed in pretty denim dress.
3:24 pm: Cobbler is dished out.
3:26 pm: Cobbler is topped with fresh
creamy vanilla ice cream.
3:40 pm: Some people go back for seconds. A serving of
cobbler is set aside for Larry.
3:41 pm: The sad realization that the cobbler is all gone.
Length of lifespan: One Hour, Forty Four minutes.


Cheryl Wray said...

Yep, that sounds EXACTLY what would happen at my house! I LOVE cobbler and yours looks delicious!!!!

Mel said...

Uh oh.....

I can feel a peach cobbler moment coming.......

And I'm blaming YOU!

Nicole said...

Oh that looks so yummy!

Adriann said...

LOL!!!! A good cobbler doesn't last long at all. It looked yummy too. Did the peaches come from the Farmer's Market?

Enjoy the week!