Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagging ... and I'm going back to school

All right, I've had to contemplate matters a bit & have decided to bestow my Rockin' Girl Blogger tags on the following people:
(1) Karen
(2) Mellie
(3) Dawn
(4) Gaye
(5) A Fancy Word for Simple -- women who rock!
I wanted to take Breanne & Mel ... but some people tagged them before I could get to 'em!

Now, for the news: I have decided that I really cannot postpone my dreams any longer. So, I have enrolled in school at the premier institution for my pursuit of supervillainy: Supervillain University. I've already taken the prescreening test & have been admitted into the Demented Bastard track. I also have applied for housing, and may need a roommate to keep costs down. Does anyone want to apply for the fall semester?


Kel x said...

Supervillain University, indeed! Looks intriguing...
Thank's for stopping by Kel's Space - the rain has been truly crazy. Luckily we are not in one of the main flood areas, but Friday saw absolute streams flowing down our road. The same day, the ceiling fell in at my friend's school and water was coming in the door. I just hope it finishes soon, for all the people who have been flooded out of their homes - this week is meant to be bad too though.

Adriann said...

Ooh! You gave up the goods to soon. I'm already enrolled at he SuperHero Univeristy and we are already studying up on you guys. You're going down sister!!!

You are too funny! Hope all is well with you.


Mel said...

Oh! What a great excuse to get shiney new mechanical pencils!


Cheryl Wray said...

Ha ha!! Supervillian University!! Love it!
Love your list of bloggers. Gotta go check them all out!

Anonymous said...

You're a strange and funny bird, Latharia, cool.

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, life in full color, and the great birthday wish. I know, I love my birthday too... they are fun and joyous days. OK so what, pray tell rockin blogger girl is Supervillan University?????