Sunday, July 1, 2007

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1. I Was Born2Cree8
2. Skittles
3. Last Minute Lyn
4. melsdream
5. Loquacity of Latharia

Next select five people to tag: Karen, Gaye, Amanda, Chiara, and Breanne.

Now answer the following questions:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
1997.....making a whopping $15,000 a year, desperately hoping to get my career underway! Also doing a LOT of rubberstamping!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
2006...Exactly 1 year ago? Let me check Outlook. My family was in town to celebrate my dad's birthday & I was out at my friend's informal wedding reception/BBQ! :D

Five snacks you enjoy:

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
I can see clearly now
(...uh ... hm ... I am much better at this when I am singing along ....
oh, yeah -)Play that funky music, white boy
(...let me look at my iTunes, here ...)
Tainted Love
Paxil Back
In Your Eyes

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Pay off debts
Pay for family & friends to travel
buy a new car
donate money to a worthy cause

Five bad habits:
not wiping down gym equipment
ignoring the corners of the bathroom when cleaning
leaving the a/c running at the office
hitting the send/receive button email more than once in a minute time span
taking pictures of people even when they are cranky

Five things you like doing:
Helping someone feel better
Connecting with people
Spending time with my sweetie ... and other loved ones

Five things you would never wear again:
A swim suit I made for myself at 15.
Be-ribboned barrettes.
A bra with no underwire.

Five favorite toys:
My Madame Alexander doll
My stuffed bear.
A Children's Hour board game set.
Books, books, books.
Raggedy Ann doll.


Akelamalu said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my place and commenting.

Loved your answers to this meme - I take it you like chocolate???? :)

Mel said...

Oh.....stuffed bears! I forgot the bears.....HOW could I forget the bears?!

So many little time....


Roni Hunt said...

Love the answers! One can never have too much chocolate. And I still have Madame Alexander dolls...not from my youth, but several we've collected! I'm ready to give them to our DGD. Great tag!

Adriann said...

So you like chocolate? Jellies... Boy do I remember them. LOL!!!! I don't think I would ever weare those again either. However, I will admit that I am a big croc fan. I have multiple colors...

Doulanana said...

How fun! I love to play tag! Great blog!! I'll be adding you to my faves!!