Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Journal Your Christmas, Day 30

January: Lord of the Ring marathon, White Elephant Tea, start to learn sword

February: Tim & Mele’s swank anniversary party, lots of World of Warcraft

March: Saw Wicked with Mom & Dad, Vincent’s adoption was finalized

April: Crop on the Cape, Easter services & brunch, travel to Minneapolis

May: frantic Supervillian University playtesting, Walt Disney World trip

June: Kevin’s & Gustava’s visits, garage sale, mini family reunion in Springfield

July: lots of trips to the Farmers’ Market, Ren Fest jaunt, July 4th BBQ

August: Caneel Bay with Susanne’s family, Gen Con Indy, another Ren Fest trip

September: Fine Arts Festival, Chix and Chocolate, travel to San Diego

October: Katrina & Kevin’s visit, lots of dinners with friends, plant spring bulbs

November: Ken’s watercolor classes with Mary Lou, Thanksgiving at home

December: It’s a Wonderful Life at the Tivoli, Cookie Day, Christmas celebrations

It's been a BUSY year! *grin* I love it!


Mel said...

What a busy little year you had!

(Gosh....I can't remember what I did yesterday, let alone eleven months ago.)

Dalovely Damanda said...

that's a great year in review page!

Chiara said...

great page.

alex said...

Happy New Year!

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