Saturday, January 12, 2008

Journal Your Christmas, Day 35

A simple page for my journal as it comes to an end. January 4th is the 10th day of Christmas! This page is all about reminders for next year!
  • Christmas village houses have to be plugged in singly, into an outlet or power strip, which limits their placement somewhat
  • We’ve got more than enough festive plates for Cookie Day
  • People need instructions on how to use our wish lists so there’s no repetition of gifts we receive
  • We want to get a live tree that has longer needles next year, hopefully they’ll be less pokey and painful
  • We are totally out of Christmas cards, so I’d better start making some early … or opt not to make any & do something with Kodak Gallery or with a box or two of Hallmark cards
  • We do not need any more holiday wrapping paper or bows!

1 comment:

Mel said...

Now there's a brilliant idea!

By the time next year's holiday is here I've forgotten what I have boxed up and I'm doing double duty on stuff which I don't really need.

Gosh, you're a clever one!