Monday, January 21, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed...

...I'm hoping for snow tonight. We've been told 1-3 inches. By the same people who said we'd get 1-2 inches this afternoon & we wound up with what I would call "a light dusting." Is it just me or are the weather forecasters erring on the side of disaster these days? Not a single snow forecast has been accurate...they all over-estimate the amount of snow, by about 300%. I can't tell if computer modeling has suddenly become insanely inaccurate, if snow has suddenly become wildly unpredictable, or if some unseen force in the media is encouraging weatherpeople to sensationalize snow. In event, I am "guardedly optimistic" that when I wake up tomorrow morning, there will be enough snow to cover the grass completely & make everything beautiful. Wish me luck!


Mel said...

*looking outside at the snow falling*

*shaking head and sighing*

*going to look for a victim for fuzz therapy*

Oh......good luck!

Juliann in WA said...

Well, if you want snow, I hope you get it. For me, I will take a blundered snow forecast over 1-3 inches any day. But then, I live where everyone is in denial that we even get snow so there isn't any equipment to get rid of it.

Professor Howdy said...

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Dr. Howdy

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scrapperjen said...

Ummm...please stop wishing for snow. I am not a big fan - you know that! :)
Just kidding - I'm glad SOMEONE enjoys it.

kaj said...

I think you are on to something. Try to live here during hurricane season. Talk about sensationalizing the weather! Geesh!