Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cooks R Us

Cooking has always brought me a happiness that I didn't think was available.I just fire up the stove, and things start to fade away.
-Paula Dean

We like to cook in our house...when we have the time! We get into rhythms some weeks where we are cooking almost every night...and then other weeks, we are just scrambling to get some kind of dinner together. We do a huge amount of cooking using recipes from Cooking Light, of which we are excessively fond. I just bought a subscription to Eating Well this year, but so far it's not ringing my chimes much.


Paula said...

Gorgeous photos on your last two blog posts!!

I love cooking but for one it sometimes loses its excitement.
I love healthy eating but it isn't doing much good on shedding the body pounds, only the £'s out my purse!!!

Mel said...

Oh how we could use those recipes.
It looks really, really good!

Well, HE could use the recipes to cook for ME.

There's a reason the whole volunteer firedepartment knows me by my first name.....

toos said...

I love your food LOs - just enjoyed the Heinz Ketchup for bday one again the other day :) The original Eating Well series was good but I agree this one is lacking. Big Cooking Light fan here too (except haven't cracked the last year's open!)

John Peebles said...


debra harvey said...

love to cook for pleasure but lately it is to stop the screaming so difficult to relax under those circumstances :) love the flowers on your blog :)