Monday, May 14, 2007

Mine, all mine!

"I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain."
~Jane Wagner

I have no cause for complaint. In fact, I have cause for celebration. My sweetheart, my knight-in-shining-armor, my beloved rescued me yesterday. Because he loves me, he came all the way into The City, braving nasty trafficses precious, something he absolutely abhors. But, he did it because I desperately needed his help to solve a problem. Can ya feel the love? I sure can! And then, when I get home, what do I find? The whole kitchen's been cleaned up. Just spotless. Dishes done, counters cleaned, everything. To answer your question, no -- you may not have him. He's mine, all mine. Get your greedy mitts off him. It's awfully hard to have a bad day when the person you love most has paved your way to make things easy. I kind of wonder what kind of kharmic debt I'm going into...but I am enjoying it more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you, honey. You are the absolute best & my dearest treasure in the whole world.


Kel x said...

I love days like that! Days when you remember you are grateful to and for your love, instead of bogged down by things like toothpaste and garbage bags.

Kel x said...

Consider yourself tagged for the 7 quirky things then, now that you are all intrigued, LOL!

Nicole said...

oh how wonderful, if I can't have him can he at least give my DH some tips!

Mel said...


What a sweetie!

When you discover the 'reason' you get to have someone so wonderful, lemme know.
Maybe then I'll know hows come I got so graced to have himself, too.