Saturday, May 19, 2007

Luxury or Necessity?

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities."
-Frank Lloyd Wright

I think my ideas of "luxuries" and "necessities" are strange compared to most.
Necessities: food, basic clothing, shelter, family, friends, vacations & trips, computer, affection, eyeglasses/contacts
Luxuries: cell phone, personal data assistant, extensive wardrobe, expensive perfumes, manicures, frou-frou coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages

And I don't even LIKE the last 3 luxuries!


Mel said...

NOR pedicures.

Ack......nobody's messin' with my feet!

And wow.....why WOULDYA have a getup like the photos?
I'd be scared. LOL

Paula said...

Im right there with you!
Luxury to me is affording a massage every 6 weeks as I have problems with my back sitting at a computer all day & the tension goes into my legs & everywhere. I can't affordit more often althought for my health it would absolutely be a benefit.

crazierinreallife said...

i am right there with you on that list my dear

Kel x said...

Hmmm... tough one.
Necessities - food, shelter, friends and family, something to write and draw on, something to write and draw with, inhaler (!), books, camera, good old-fashioned coffee, music (other than me singing, ha!), moisturiser, friendly jeans and runners, travel.
Luxuries - TV, laptop (love it, but sometimes resent it iykwim), make-up, massage, leg waxing.
Not wanted on journey - fancy coffees, alcohol, gossip, manicures.
Thanks for the intriguing question!