Saturday, May 12, 2007

Problems & answers

"The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a beer bottle, they're on TV." Homer Simpson.

As I am neither a drinker of beer nor a viewer of excessive television, I think I've missed out on many of the answers to life's problems. *grin* Or at least the answers to Homer Simpson's life's problems, of which he has many. My own answers, I find, tend to be inside me somewhere. It's a matter of listening to the right thoughts bouncing around in my head ... or finding a way to be still enough that I can simply sort out everything fairly clearly. When I think about what my life's problems are, there really aren't a lot of them. Let me consider them:
Problem #1: A friend/acquaintance appears to have completely forgotten about me, and then wants to resume our friendship.
Answer #1: Tell her how hurtful her behaviors are, and see where things go from there.
Problem #2: Bills need to be paid.
Answer #2: Pay them.
Problem #3: ... I was going to say that my plants need to be put into the ground, but
Answer #3: my sweet friend-neighbor is solving that problem FOR me!
Problem #4: Laundry needs to be retrieved from the dryer & folded.
Answer #4: Go fold it!
It seems pretty straight forward to me. Every problem has a fairly simple solution. I may not like the answer, but an answer is almost always forthcoming!

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Paula said...

We share similar problems.
I had problem one late last year. Said friend was most disgusted that I should dare to be hurt by her actions....problem solved I walked away. Once I would have hung on tried to make it work. These days I am aware I am worthy of better treatment. My grandma always said, treat folk as you would want them to treat you & that i do.