Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lazy & Fluffified

"You can't teach people to be lazy - either they have it or they don't"
-----Dagwood Bumstead

Right now, I have this covered. I almost never "have it" in terms of being lazy, but right after a massage .... I've got it. Today is coming together seamlessly. I think I've accidentally absorbed all the good kharma from my sweetie & my best friend, who are grousing through their days.

I had a fun time shopping at Whole Foods, then came home & put some plants in the ground, got tired of that, went to lunch with a friend at the Morton Arboretum and walked around a bit, then came home & my neighbor-friend has given me a birthday gift: the offer to plant my remaining 6 plants. Just PERFECT! Then, I retrieved my messages & my gift certificate for teaching a scrapbook class last November came through, for a massage. So, I seized the moment & went to get the massage right away. I am all fluffified and lazy now.


Margie H said...'s not LAZY, it's ME Day! LOL!! So glad that you took time for the day and what a beautiful day it was! Hope it's a wonderful ending too! Hugs!!

Mel said...

What a cool neighbour!

I've improved on the art of 'doing nothing'.
Dunno that I'd be able to do it if it were called 'lazy'.