Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lovin' my Labor Day Weekend

I've been exerting very little labor this Labor Day Weekend. So far, the weekend has consisted of:
1. Making 4 scrapbook layouts (click here, here, here and here)
2. Going to the Farmers' Market with my next-door-friend.
3. Hanging out with a friend whom we'd not seen since April. Just lovely to catch up & hear tales of his cute daughter.
4. On a whim, watch The Transporter and The Fifth Element with friends.
5. Starting to read a new book.

Today ... we may do brunch ... go to a BBQ ... and I know I'm seeing a movie with a friend. Just awesome.


Eleni said...

ah, what fun to enjoy your weekend!!! :D Love the layouts!!! Enjoy the movie!

Nicole said...

sounds like a good labor day weekend to me!

Chiara said...

I have been loving the weekend too

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Sounds like the perfect week-end.

Paula said...

Awesome layouts!!!
I love the Get the Drift one but Inner Diva is fabby!! You rock girlie!
Im back to boring work today for another full 7 hour day week, oh joy!!

Mel said...


What brilliant pieces of art you've made.
I'm especially fond of the drifts--when it's 97 out. LOL

Enjoy your weekend for all it's worth!