Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I must admit...

Trendy Tuesday 3/6/07 -- I Must Admit

Today's trendy Tuesday topic ... admit something!

This is a tough one, because I already made so many "confessions" in my album for Shimelle's class! I'll give it a shot, though:
(1) I don't like coffee. At all. In any way, shape, or form. My mom used to join me in this, but she's recently been subverted. I'm baffled by this.
(2) When I am under LOTS of stress & I practice t'ai chi, it makes me cry.
(3) I can lose myself in dance & electronica music. Just close my eyes and sway, and I'm gone.
(4) I want to be a mother.
(5) I like wearing perfume, but rarely wear it, so as not to create a stir in my workplace, to drive people nuts at the gym, or to bother the cats at the shelter...which, together, accounts for a HUGE amount of my waking hours.
(6) I have a weakness for fine jewelry. I don't know how, but I have a knack for picking out the most expensive item in the display case.
(7) I like frosting more than the cake. Just like my niece. My nephew is the other way around, so he often gives me his frosting. Love ya, bud.
(8) I associate pasta and red sauce with living just above the poverty line. It was a staple for me for years. I try to avoid it now. I'd rather have ramen noodles, which I associate with my childhood.


Karen said...

OMG Susanne, pasta and red sauce is a staple in this house. Have to admit I make a kick ass red sauce and my boys would eat it every night if I let them

Nicole said...

ok I can't live without pasta and red sause actually lived off of the stuff while pregnant with kayla(really no joke) loved learning these things about you!

Mel said...

Okay.......you can have my icing off the cake, too.

I LIKE ramen noodles, dangit.
(I'll admit to adding some boullion to what they give you.)

Paula said...

Interesting admissions & surely a whole new sequel to your confessions book!
I identify with you on some of them. I love to dance. I love the topping on the cake.But I adore pasta because it is a staple & when funds are low I know I am being fed witout breaking the bank.
I do tend to stick to jacket pottos & cottage cheese though!!

Chiara said...

okay I have to tell you I think #6 is an inate woman thing.

I hate red sauce and pasta but that comes from growing up in an Italian Household and eating it every day.

kaj said...

I have to ADMIT that I am not fond of rodents...especially a particular hamster that has its residence in my guest bath shower! This is even more difficult to take since its little owner......is not even living here.

Anonymous said...

Like both, frosting and cake, make a deal w/ya, I give you the frosting if you give me ice cream w/the cake. tad too dry otherwise.

I kind a tend to lean towards #8 sometimes myself :~)