Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If I won the lottery...

...I'd be a pretty boring winner. I've had people ask me this type of question before, and I really struggle with it! I would, in all honesty, start with paying off my debt. I'd sock some away for later -- a retirement fund and/or a savings account. Only then would I start having fun with it. I would not quit my job, but if it was a LOT of money, I might encourage my sweetie to stop working. MIGHT. I think I'd go a bit insane if I knew he was home all the live-long day doing absolutely nothing productive. I just feel it's so vital to contribute to the world in a meaningful fashion ... I can't imagine just frittering away my days for weeks on end. I'd be so bored. If I won the lottery, my family and friends would be just thrilled. I think I'd see if I could buy a jet & hire a pilot, and then just fly people to all kinds of interesting destinations, to see one another. Yeah, I think most of my money would go to travel. And I'd donate time on the plane to needy causes -- organ transplants, kids with terminal illnesses, things like that. That sounds like fun & rewarding. That's my kind of life -- fun, yet rewarding!


Chiara said...

I think those are some pretty nice things to do if you won the lottery.

Nicole said...

I am right there with ya, I too would be a pretty boring winner paying of debt and planning for the future.

Mel said...


Can't even fathom it.
I'm thinking G-d doesn't want me winning cuz I'd be paralyzed if I hit the big one...and then I'd go absolutely NUTS!!
Heck, I salivated when I played nickle slots and those bells and sirens went off. LOL

Paula said...

Well it is fantastic to read someone else doesn't want yachts, around the world cruises, 5 homes & massive swimming pools.
People say Im boring becasue I want to do exactly as you. Well, boring I am then but proud of it because guess who'd still have money left when they are stoney flat broke!!!
You see you can just live off the interest on 1m

~Bek~ said...

You make me smile.

I agree with you totally.. and that is not boring, its sensible.

I think you have a great idea of how to spend the money well.


angieoh! said...

I like that you say you would want your hubby to keep working - me too!