Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday's Challenge from A Fancy Word for Simple

Scavenger Hunt

Capture the here-and-now with a few photographs that fit the following categories:

1. A sign of spring

2. A meal you’re about to eat

3. Something red

4. Self-portrait

5. Something that makes you smile


Mel said...

*chuckling* Great living room--bit full and the tags need to come off. LOL
And I'm suddenly hungry for a good salad! ;-)

All this so I don't focus on the peeking flowers that we don't have yet.
*heavy sigh*

Eleni said...

Great photos!!! :D Love seeing more of you!

Chiara said...

your sword class looks so fun and that salad looks delish now I am hungry.

Paula said...

Great photos, I could just eat that salad!!!
You look to be having fun & that room is so great I love the setting.