Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookie Day Has Arrived!

Snow has stopped falling ... the sun is coming out. The last batch of cookies is almost done & my parents are making us a large breakfast, to hold us throughout the day. People arrive at 1 pm. We still need to shovel the front porch, put down rock salt, clear off all surfaces, put down clothes, get out tins, get out plates/platters & put cookies on them, make coffee/tea/apple cider ... oh, and I think there was an outcry for a gallon of milk, so a run to the store may be in order. Tminus 3 hours 22 minutes and counting. :D

(P.S. This is the view out of our front window ... our neighbors across the street afford us with quite a beautiful view, don't you think?)


Juliann in WA said...

Have a great day. It sounds like a memory waiting to happen.

Mel said...


Sounds like the perfect setting for your cookie day.

Sarah said...

how absolulty stunningly picturesque! Perfect for a cookie party, or holiday party or anything. Absolulty BEaUTIFUL! And the cookies look super duper yummy!! glad it went well!

Linda said...

your house is beautiful!!! And looks so perfect in the snow!