Thursday, December 6, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 5

Yesterday was a very long day for me, so rather than press myself, I decided to just curl up with a book & go to bed early. It was a good choice -- I woke up nice & early & after watching the season finale of Heroes, I did my page for December 5th!We were "prompted" by Shimelle to consider how we count down to Christmas ... and about advent calendars. We don't have an advent calendar, but I am constantly aware of "due dates" for various parts of our celebration ... so I wrote my dates down & checked off the stuff that's done!

Here's the text for the page:
Important Dates for 2007

Nov 21: have all “long distance” Christmas gifts shipped

Nov 24 to Dec 14: wrap all other Christmas gifts

Nov 30: have all Christmas cards written, addressed, and stamped

Dec 1: mail Christmas cards, get out holiday decorations

Dec 1 to 15: bake Christmas cookies

Dec 2: see “It’s a Wonderful Life” at the Tivoli Theatre!

Dec 8/9: get Christmas tree

Dec 9: see The Nutcracker (House Theatre version) with Chris

Dec 10-14: decorate Christmas tree

Dec 13: mail package for “Letters to Santa”

Dec 15: Mom & Dad arrive midday

Dec 16: Cookie Day!

Dec 16: Distribute gifts to everyone we won’t see before Christmas

Dec 22/23: possibly celebrate Christmas with Mom & Dad!

Dec 24: Christmas Eve dinner!

Dec 25: celebrate Christmas on our own! (Jason may come over in the afternoon)

Dec 26: celebrate Christmas with Kaye, Dave, Kim, Seldon, Jayne & Larry!

Dec 31: celebrate New Year’s with Barbara & Larry!


maz said...

Hey Latharia thanks for visiting me! Your work is really lovely...and your 'counting down' list puts my organisational abilities to shame!
see ya

Nancyroo said...

You are busy! I love the paper and stuff you used.

Heather said...

Susanne I love your take on this one! Really great!

Lisa said...

Great original take on the countdown to Christmas.

Dawn Lindstrom said...

I too, love your take on the Christmas countsown.

Deborah said...

What a great page - I love this, and also love your take on the prompt :)

Trish said...

LOL, more organisation? You are TOO good!
Another lovely page too!
Trish x

Juliann in WA said...

This is a fun page - and you are one organized woman!

crazierinreallife said...

love your take on this prompt. it is very interesting and you are very organized

Tawnya said...

Oh I love this whole idea!! Great job!!! said...

I really like this idea...and girl, you need brownie points for getting presents in the mail by early November!

Mel said...

VERY creative.
Our countdowns are never simple--do they ever happen 'simple'?


Oh, but what a great way to celebrate the season.
I've enjoyed every one of them, ma'am.
And Nat King Cole to boot!

Linda said...

what a cute concept! love the nostalgic papers