Sunday, December 23, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 23

When I was a child, stockings were definitely a tactic calculated to give my parents precious time to sleep. The rule was simple: stockings could be opened as soon as we woke up, and we didn’t have to wait for anyone else to be awake. I remember being the only one awake, just itching for Christmas to officially begin. I would carefully pull each item out of the stocking and arrange them all in front of me, frequently entertaining myself with the contents until my parents were awake. Now that I’m an adult, I am still the first one up, just itching for Christmas to officially begin, but although I’m allowed to dig through my stocking, I wait until Ken’s up, we’ve made some coffeecake & brewed some tea. The waiting just about kills me, but I keep reminding myself I’m a grown up and should be able to handle delayed gratification a bit better than a 4 year old.


Mel said...

What wonderful memories--and what a great way to spend the morning.
Though, yaknow, I don't think I could do the waiting.
And the kiddos think opening prezzies on the Eve was all about THEM....LOLOL

crazierinreallife said...

susanne- this cracked me up b/c it is EXACTY how I grew up with stockings. My sisters and I would be up at 3AM opening our stockings b/c we couldn't wake my parents until 5:30am. The stocking opening was so exciting though. Thanks for bringing back some great memories

Linda said...

your anticipation and love of gift opening is just like me!!

Tawnya said...

ok you girlies doing this christmas journal stuff are just blowing me away! such creative girls!!!! love this!!!

alex said...

Yup those were nice memories. I like the songs you put up for Christmas. They are all fantastic.
Merry Christmas!

Alex's World! -

Birdie said...

Susanne - don't ever lose that 4 yo childlike wonder! I just love this journaling!