Saturday, December 22, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 21

Today, we were prompted to take a picture of our current environment, in whatever state it might be in, and record it for posterity. Lucky for us, most of our clutter & chaos occurs prior to Cookie Day, which is reflected in our relaxing, homey space!

The text reads: "Every year, we have all of our decorations up before Cookie Day, so our house is looking pretty festive. The tree is decorated, and all kinds of holiday knickknacks litter every available surface. We’re still in the process of packing away about 20 different platters and trays, from Cookie Day, but otherwise, things are rather tidy, not to mention festive!"


Mel said...

Gosh--they're all so pretty!
I'm hoping you have a 2007 Holiday book to put them in......cuz what a cool thing to look back on!

Linda said...

looks very cozy!