Thursday, December 20, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 16

I've gotten a bit behind, partially due to Cookie Day, partially due to a busy work schedule, and partially due to my recognition that I needed some vegetative time more than I needed to scrapbook. *grin*

So, I'm now catching up a bit, in a lull! Here's today's text: "I am grateful for the little things. Things like being healthy. Or having a wonderful family. And a nice home. At the holidays, I’m grateful that I make a decent wage & can buy gifts for people I love, and that I can afford to make whatever meals we want. There are so many people who are sick … or live in an unsafe space … or don’t have any family … or are struggling to make ends meet. At the holidays, I ramp up our charitable giving, and we love to play Santa to some kids in need."


crazierinreallife said...

great entry. you are a very sweet and kind person

Chiara said...

great entry

Linda said...

lovely journaling