Sunday, December 16, 2007

Preparations continue

Well, sadly, my brother & his family cannot make it -- the roads are too dicey for them to attempt the travel. Major bummer ... but we cannot let it keep us from continuing forth. I keep pulling out decorative plate after decorative plate ... and batch of cookies after batch of cookies. I don't know how we're going to fit them all! I was planning on making my sister-in-law's "Breton Brittle," but since it's now Tminus one hour and 29 minutes, and my sweetie has now announced he will not go to the store until noon ... I just can't see me pulling it off. Not on top of ... *checking list* ... putting out all the cookies, clearing off 2 more surfaces, putting out plates and napkins, setting up the drink station, and clearing the porch. Yeah. And I still have to get dressed. EEK. But, it feels good to get off my feet for 2 minutes and post this. And my mom totally rocks. She's a huge help, getting things out on the table, getting stuff washed. She just ROCKS!

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