Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 25

Christmas Day this year was just totally awesome! A bit tiring, but awesome, nonetheless! Ken got up before I did & made the cinnamon crumbcake & got started on the vinaigrette we were taking to Kaye & Dave’s. This makes it the first Christmas in my memory that I was not the first person out of bed! We sipped tea & unearthed the goodies in our stockings, then leisurely moved on to opening presents. We both got some really memorable items : a book on Welsh castles & a guide to Hadrian’s Wall, a mini-crockpot and a santoku knife, dance lessons and a scented heating pad were just some of our treasures! We spent several hours continuing to work on Kaye & Dave’s calendar and on the creamy mushroom phyllo triangles, then Barbara and Larry came over. While they were here, Chris stopped by (she gave me some luscious body cream!), and gifts were opened (again, more fun stuff : gardening treats for me and BBQ goodies for Ken). Around 5 pm, we realized we had to get a move-on, so we said our farewells & got ready to head up to Itasca. We enjoyed everyone’s company, had a leisurely meal (and got amazing compliments on our appetizer), and had to bow out of dessert in order to return home to finish up November and December pages. We got to bed around midnight! Uh oh! We’re going to be pretty tired tomorrow!

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Mel said...

What a wonderful holiday for you and himself.

And for the elves. LOL I betcha they're tired as all getout!

Happy Christmas!