Friday, December 14, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 14

I LOVE Christmas carols! :) When I am in the car by myself, I sing out loud and off key!

Whee! I'm staying caught up. This weekend, with my parents visiting & our massive annual holiday party, I fully expect to fall behind, but that's fine with me! :D So, if my blog is quiet you know why -- I'm having too much fun!!!


Michele said...

Love this one - very clever! Will be asking you for ideas on how you've done it. It's fab

crazierinreallife said...

this is great susanne. thank goodness we don't drive together, we would probably crack windows. LOL I love christmas carols too. drives the boys here insane

Chiara said...

okay I heart your entry.

Mel said...

Oh what a beautiful page....and what gorgeous music to view it by.

Enjoy the weekend, ma'am!

chris jenkins said...

loving all of your awesome entry pages. sadly i have yet to begin my journal :(

love that you have the christmas music playing also. music really puts me in the spirit of the season.

take care and happy holidays to you.