Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Be Original

I got tagged for the Be Original blog project by Susan White . I got a great big giggle out of it, because she nudged me after reading my Be FUNKY post (see below) and connecting me with our Crop on the Cape experience! :)

So here's the scoop. It all started with a 'Be Original" post on Mohit Singhania's blog. I've lifted this off Susan's blog, who lifted it off Michelle's blog who lifted it off Angie Pedersen's blog - not very original I'm afraid but since it was such an excellent summary I figured there was no reason to reinvent the wheel:

Summing up from Mohit’s original post, here is how it works:

  1. In a new blog post, list and write about 5 to 10 methods you use to create original posts.
  2. At the start of your post, tell your audience (briefly or at length) what you are doing with the “Be Original” Project and link to the project.
  3. Link/trackback to the blogger who tagged you for “Be Original”
  4. Share your “Be Original” methods with your own audience
  5. Pick as many bloggers as you want and “tag” them to take part in the fun…
    After all, that is how a meme works (a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another.)
  6. Sit back and learn from the discussion.
How do I come up with original blog ideas?

1. Random stuff that happens throughout my day. Just things I experience, both weird and mundane.
2. Issues that have been floating around in my head for a while. Mostly existential stuff, some of it prompted after reading a book or visiting a website.
3. After listening to music. It frees my brain up and stirs up old memories that I may want to revisit.
4. Following a fun event or trip, in which I want to share a summary or fun little highlights.
5. Reaching out into the universe when I cannot sleep. CQ, CQ, CQ.

I am now tagging Karen, Gaye, Breanne, Kathy, and Chiara.


susan said...

Great post. I really like that all your posts are very different and thoughtful and good reading. thanks for playing!

Chiara said...

love this and I am going to go and do it right now.