Monday, April 16, 2007


All I can say is "Wow." Okay, and "ow", as my right pinky is quite tender. If that's my most major injury after two three minute bouts with padded swords, I cannot complain. I think I acquitted myself very well. [And if you read this blog entry, you will know how much I was worried about being able to do so.] I admit, these three minute segments were the longest three minutes of my entire life. The time just seemed to stretch on interminably. My breath rasped in my throat. I tried not to think too much, and caught myself many times doing things that were Bad and promptly self-corrected. I asked for feedback from the two guys I fenced against & they were kind enough to offer me up some recommendations of things to work on & also to give me praise. I feel so loved. *smile* Independent of one another, they came to similar assessments -- so I now know I need to work more on follow-through and persistence. And, of course, with any martial art: practice, practice, practice. Hell, that's a good idea with ANYthing a person wants to become good at. And now, more than ever, I really want to be better and better with this skill set. It was a challenge, a workout, and just pure exhilaration. The adrenaline is now finally wearing off. Wow. Ow.