Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The folks over at Fancy Word for Simple gave us this quote to ponder:

"Cherish forever what makes you unique, 'cuz you're really a yawn if it goes!"
-----Bette Midler

With a question about how quirky is too quirky? I think that all of us have oddities and quirks, and some of them are cute or become "signature" elements of our persona ... but some personality traits and wacky behaviors are less-than-fun. And, boy-howdy, is it hard to tell someone that their wackiness is troubling to me or offensive. I have one person in my life that challenges me in this area a LOT. I've sought advice & recommendations on how to handle it, and I've tried every single one of them! I am now at the point where I have concluded that the other person's oddities are just not compatible with how I want to develop a continued I'm willing to let it fade into the background of my life. Sad, but true.

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Mel said...

Yeah, that's a toughie.

I've got some folks who just walk to a different drummer. I'm cool with that--until it trips me up and I start stumbling on my own path, yaknow? It's not often it comes to that point--makes me sad when it does.....