Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've got a gripe

It's pretty simple. It pisses me off when people look for ways to weasel out of commitments. By canceling less than 24 hours in advance. By lolly-gagging. By making themselves scarce.

My very good friend, Jason, moved today. And by "moved," I mean this: his stuff moved out of his apartment 2nd floor, but with a nice elevator) into a big moving truck...and then after transporting said truck to girlfriend's place, all of HER stuff moved out of her 4th floor WALK-UP building...and then all their combined stuff moved into their new 2nd story building. Again, a walk up.

Three people canceled ... or should I say "reneged"?!... last night. LAST FREAKING NIGHT. That is so totally uncool.

This morning, while Jason, my sweetie, myself and later another friend of his are moving his stuff downstairs, we learn that no one.... I repeat NO ONE ... has yet to arrive at said girlfriend's place to help stage things by moving them down to the curb. *groan* No One. This is so very very wrong.

When we arrived there an hour and a half later, people had arrived, but several of them were simply engaged in washing dishes & packing up boxes. After the fifth trip up, my quads were telling me how much they hated me. After about the 12th trip, my calves and stabilizing muscles on my thighs and knees were chiming in. I'll admit, I took breaks. I also tried to keep myself busy, at LEAST handing things up into the truck or working on getting stuff packed.

Same thing when we got to the new place, when my knees started screaming at me, I stayed upstairs or downstairs, trying to grab stuff from people who'd just made it to the top of the stairs -- or by moving things 20 yards from the back of the truck to the back door. Just keep moving, I told myself. Every little bit helps. I don't begrudge people taking breaks, and I know everyone has his (or her) own limit, but DAMN. I really started getting irritated when a couple of people took the opportunity to disappear for 30 minutes at a stretch. Again, they're an improvement on the people who didn't show up at all, but DAMN.

It's not even my move. They're not even my friends. But ... I say again. DAMN!


Nicole said...

That is si not right and sucks! I am sure they appreciate what you did!

Mel said...


Totally un-cool.

Here's hoping your knees and legs are getting a well deserved rest.

crazierinreallife said...

OK, I'll say it too..... DAMN