Sunday, February 25, 2007

Super Sunday!

I hosted another "White Elephant" type event today. It was so much fun! *smile* Everyone brought books, movies, music, and/or games, and I made it tropical-themed with music, food, and atmosphere. I even wore my "I'm on Island Time" shirt with my hot pink capris, sandals, fish necklace & earrings, and dolphin ring and bracelet! Awesome!!!

And now, for something completely different, from Mel's blog:

When was the last time you :
Watched a sunrise or a sunset? -- Sunset, 2 days ago. Beautiful peachy-pink sky!
Stopped to smell a flower? -- today, my lilies on my dresser!
Gave a friend a present for no reason at all? -- mailed one out to a friend on Friday!
Treated yourself to something? -- sipping lavender tea, right now!


Paula said...

It looks delicious glad to hear you had a fantastic time.x

Chiara said...

so cool that you party was a success.

Mel said...

Wow--you know how to do the linky thing! I'm impressed! LOL

And I'm looking at the fruit kebabs and thinking I could do those!

What fun for everyone!