Monday, December 4, 2006

Christmas daydreaming?

Christmas decorations are starting to creep out. I had to clean out a cabinet to store our old plates (we just replaced our plates a few weeks ago & I am finally getting around to finding housing for the old ones), so I took the opportunity to pull out all of our Christmas candles & candle holders. The snowball ones are my favorite. I cannot remember where my parents found them, but I think they are really fun! They weigh a ton, so they are also secure from cat-astrophe. I need to find some more, I think ... we just have two of them, and I think a whole row of them would be very pretty!

I am giving thought to today's journaling prompt. These kinds of questions are hard for me, because I honestly don't "play" well with ideas about pure fantasy. I tend to think about what I want, and then reshape my life so I get it ... or I just enjoy the journey, go with the flow, and embrace what happens. So, this question, similar to the "what would you do if you won a bazillion dollars" stymies me. I'll have to suspend some of my brain to make it work. Kind of like the candle holders - I like them, if I really truly wanted more badly enough, I would just go get them, but I am happy with the 2 I have, so I don't do it. I'll have to think creatively about this journaling exercise!

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