Sunday, December 10, 2006


We lucked out again this year with finding The Perfect Tree. Last year, I told Ken we should just start the day off swearing, because that's usually how we wind up by the end. Maybe we'd get it out of our system, so we started cursing earlier in the day, it became quite ridiculous & light-hearted & we went searching for our tree ... and it worked! So, dirty words flying between the two of us, we went to the same tree lot as last year (one that funds a mission trip to Mexico at a local church), with high hopes. They had maybe 15 trees on display -- tall skinny ones like this one:

And lots of short, squat fat ones. You know the type. They look pretty short until you get them home & into the tree stand and then you say: "Holy cow! That tree is TALL!" We have a vaulted ceiling in our living room, so thank goodness, that's not an issue. It has been an issue in the past, in other homes, where the top of the tree hits the ceiling. It's not a pretty sight. I don't know if the same thing holds true for how wide a tree is. Maybe trees always look shorter and skinnier on the tree lot. In any event, we went with a tree that was a bit wider at the base and seemed a bit fuller, to accommodate our masses of ornaments.

So, we tried to fit the trunk of the tree into the trunk of the car, and somehow the angles just didn't work. Hm. So, we wound up lashing it across the back, kind of in and around the trunk. Hey, it worked! And the slightly bumpy ride over the railroad tracks knocked some of the crusty snow off!

Then, it was just a matter of putting water in the tree stand, corralling the cats in a bedroom while we had the front door wide open, and wrestling it inside. We got it locked into the treestand with no incidents, swept up the pine needles and released the cats. Serendipity & Comet were extraordinarily curious ... Isabelle's still sleeping on our bed, lazy animal. The best thing of all ... no swearing at all during the acquisition, transportation, and installation of said tree. :) and...the whole living room smells of pine ... divine!


Janelle said...

I loooove the smell of a fresh pine tree!

Kathy said...

Love the idea of swearing first! DH and I always fight when we put the tree up so next year we'll organise a quick fight over breakfast which should allow the rest of the day to run smoothly.

Chiara said...

sounds like a beautiful day. I love Christmas tree shopping or chopping down your own tree you just brought back a wonderful memory for me thanks

kaj said...

I love that photo of the tree attached to the back of the car. I just read your story to my DH and he was laughing, too. And that is saying something the old scrooge that he is right now.

Eleni said...

Ha, ha ... love your beginning ... sort of keeping the evil eye away!!! :-)

Great tree!!! Enjoy decorating it!!

Linda said...

great story! we got our tree this weekend too. down the road at the firehouse.