Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well, the tree is certainly a hit with the cats. I think they are enjoying chasing pine needles around on the floor. Every time I walk past the tree, I toe the blanket-treeskirt back into proper position. I do this many times a day. Thank goodness we have an ultra-heavy treestand. We have not yet put the lights on the tree...or any garland. The cats' behavior may change when that happens. I begin to wonder if I should've picked up a glue gun at Hobby Lobby to attach ornaments to the tree. Speaking of which, I had the misfortune of getting in line behind a woman with her shopping cart full of ornaments. She also didn't have her ID to use her credit card, so she ran out to her car while I helped the cashier unload her cart and, one by one, ring up each of her ornaments. She had duplicates of many, but hadn't put them next to one another, so this process took forever. Okay, so it took 12 minutes. Still...that's an awfully long time in my book. To make matters even more interesting, towards the end, she changed her mind on some things & just put them on another (unoccupied) cashier's counter. She explained as she sorted through the ornaments that she'd already selected that they were in the process of moving and their ornaments were packed up. My response was to laugh and say, "I'd just make a bunch of paper chains." Which sparked a whole new idea for me ... if I can pull it off, I'll show it on my blog in days to come! Anyway ... no cookies yet today ... and no Christmas journal entry. Just my workout, lunch with my sweetie, some miscellaneous work out of my way, and this rambling post. Onward, to work, to grocery shopping, to cookies, and to my Christmas journal entry!

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