Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If you're on Weight Watchers or going to Curves ... scroll down further at your own peril!!!

I'll admit it. I am just about ready to drop from exhaus- tion. Ken, my sweetie, came downstairs to help me with the dishes, because my lower back was protesting too much. "It takes a very steady hand..." You remember that from the game Operation, don't you? Well, the same holds true for these incredibly delicate cream wafer cookies. They are flaky & somewhat tempermental, especially when I am trying to spread a layer of buttery frosting to sandwich them together. And folks, the keyword here is butter. These babies have no nutritional value aside from carbohydrates and fat. Lots of both. The wafer part is flour, whipping cream, and butter, dredged in sugar. The filling? Butter and sugar...and food coloring. The food coloring may just be the most nutritious part. I broke one early on, and ate it (test kitchen chefs unite!) and my hands started shaking. It may have been the pure sugar rush (I think these things might kill a diabetic) or the fact they are scarily similar to my beloved saltine cracker-and-frosting delights that I was introduced to at one of my own birthday parties at a young age ... 4 years old or so, I believe. A tender age to be introduced to something so devilishly good. On the flip side, I will never feel bad about eating those cracker & frosting sandwiches, because I just know the saltines have a tenth of the fat of these babies. I can find a bright side to anything. I think I better add an hour to my gym workout tomorrow to make up for that 1.5 cookies I ate.

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