Saturday, December 9, 2006

OUR traditions

For today's prompt about journaling, I decided to write about how both of us have very different family traditions ... and the pull out tab shows the end result! This was an interesting page to do, because Ken is very attached to his traditions ... and I am attached to mine, so it was a challenge in our relationship to find a way to blend the 2!

Here's the journaling you can see:
My family’s traditions include decorating the tree with strings of large lights, having a very relaxed Christmas Eve dinner, waking up early to open all of our gifts, then having some kind of breakfast, and then playing with our new stuff or going outside to explore. Ken’s family’s traditions include decorating the tree with strings of very tiny lights, a very formal Christmas Eve dinner, opening a single gift that night, waking up to have a leisurely breakfast of bran muffins and fruit soup, and THEN opening presents, and then sitting inside all day playing games with the family. You can see where we hit a few speed bumps blending our traditions once we got married!

And the stuff on the tab:

The end result is this:
decorating the tree with medium sized lights
a casual Christmas Eve dinner
waking up at a reasonable hour to open all of our gifts
eating cinnamon crumb cake and sipping hot tea as breaks from gift-opening
calling loved ones far and near
playing with our toys both old and new, including some games
having a very formal New Year’s Eve dinner


Julie Ann Shahin said...

A great solution~! These last two entries are just fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

I really love your new entries! I hope to post mine today. :-)


Jenn said...

Sounds like a perfect compromise! Love your page, especially the photo of the lights!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a challenge but good that you are able to compromise. Enjoy the day!

kaj said...

Great solution!

Vee said...

fab layout!!
love the pic of the Christmas lights!

Eleni said...

LOL!!! Had a smile over the compromise!!! Lovely page as always!!!

Babs said...

This is beautiful!
Love how you separated the journaling.

beshka said...

so fabulous!!! love your entry! :)

debra harvey said...

love the christmas light's, love that you posted your secret not so secret journalling ken is lucky :)

p.s I use signo white gel pen from your coment on my blog

Chiara said...

your entry is just awesome

nat said...

So love this - awesome!!!

coley said...

You are so not alone with your challenges regarding differing traditions at christmas. Relaxed Vs rigid?! I understand. I really enjoy your pages and your blog. How do you find the time to do all that baking? Do you have a Harry Potter time turner?

Karen said...

Loving all your pages, but espeially this one!